The BASIC Package Album

These photos are of a Jorgensen 8×8″ 10-sided Peel & Stick Album, and comes in two colours only – black or white.


The ELITE Package Album (Elite A shown with Buckram Pearl Cover)

The main advantage of the Elite album is that the photos are flushed onto the edges (no borders), and there are NO GAPS in the folds of the pages (meaning unlike the BASIC albums, the photo will flow from the left side of the page to the right). This makes it perfect for beautiful landscape photos that can cover the full 2 pages. It is also very customisable in terms of the album cover and the different sizes that you can get for this type of album (square, panorama, portrait or landscape).



Customised ELITE Package Album (Elite A shown with Acrylic Photo and Premium Leather Cover)


Note: The images of the sample below are NOT the same as the default albums included in the Elite packages. It has been designed to show the optional customisations that you can do to the album such as the acrylic photo and genuine leather cover and a flyleaf with couple’s names. For more information, please visit the Jorgensen website.

These photos are of a Jorgensen 9×9″ 20-sided Komplet Digital Slimline Album. The cover can be customised to be one of these swatches with or without a photo cover. Please note that by default, the Elite packages’ albums will have the Buckram Book Cloth Cover without any photo on the front.